Labour Law Training

Quattro Consulting Services provides in-depth labour law training for employers and their employees.

Courses offered

Each training course includes one training package per student. The training package comprises an interactive group training session, a reference manual, stationary, certificate of completion and feedback to the client. All training packages include lunch and refreshments during the course and relief breaks.

The length of a training session lies between 4 and 6 hours (including relief breaks) and is entirely dependent on the collective participation of the class.

All prices exclude VAT. We are currently not VAT registered.

1. The Law, Contracts and BCEA (R2 ,175.00 per student – Excl. VAT)

The aim of this course is to empower the student, allowing him or her to be confident in approaching the law and knowledgeable in its constructive application. In this training course we answer the questions:
• What is an Act, case law, common law and the Constitution? Which law applies, and when?
• What are the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act?
• What are the CCMA and Labour Court?

Once the student feels comfortable with the relevant law, we use practical examples to illustrate the workings of contracts of employment and their necessary elements. In addition, we discuss the different types of contract, including fixed term contracts and independent contractors.
This course empowers the employer as he or she becomes more conversant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and gains confidence in its application. The purpose of this Act is discussed and its most salient sections are explicated:
• Leave;
• Working hours;
• Overtime;
• Termination of employment;
• Remuneration;
• Particulars of employment (what needs to be in a contract).
Further, the course explains risks involved in changing terms and conditions of employment and potential consequences should such alterations not be in in line with the basic conditions of employment.

2. Dismissal: Misconduct, Incapacity and Retrenchment (R2 ,175.00 per student – Excl. VAT)

This course is recommended for employers or managerial staff. The three forms of dismissal are considered in depth:
• Misconduct;
• Incapacity;
• Retrenchments.

We explore each form of dismissal in detail and consider how best to reduce the risks associated with dismissal and discipline in the workplace. We aim to promote the student’s confidence in the law and knowledge of where to find it. Emphasis is placed on the precept of fairness and practical examples demonstrate best-practice in the management of dismissals and discipline in the workplace.

The student will also be empowered to initiate disciplinary action in the workplace with emphasis on disciplinary hearings and incapacity inquiries. This includes obtaining evidence, evaluating the evidence, evaluating the strength and theory of your case and presenting this evidence successfully in the hearing or inquiry.

3. Unions and Strikes (R1,275.00 per student – Excl. VAT)

This training course introduces the basic principles of trade unions and strike management in the workplace. We aim to equip students with the knowledge and confidence required should the need to engage trade unions or manage strike action arise. Further, we address the need to understand, and to be equipped to find, the law related to trade unions and strike management.

• Trade unions
Trade unions should be handled carefully but not feared. There are a few simple steps that every employer must follow when they encounter a trade union. All of these steps are in reference to the Labour Relations Act.

• Strike action
Strikes are necessary to balance the bargaining power between the employer and employee. There are two types of strikes: a protected and unprotected strike. We explore the protection available to both the employee and employer during strike action, as well as the remedies at their disposal should they need to take action.


Our training venues are located in Menlo Park (Pretoria), Sinoville (Pretoria) and Clubview (Centurion)

For the convenience of our client, we offer to travel to a suitable location of the client’s choice to present the training. However, note that the training experience depends on the functionality of the venue provided for by the client.

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