As Quattro Consulting Services (QCS) we aim to achieve a personal relationship with all our clients. QCS is a company that provides professional legal and consulting services to clients through advising, counselling and practical services specialising in Labour Law, Labour Law Training, Company Secretarial, and Liquor Law Services.

The story of Quattro Consulting services starts when Gert Brink and Chris van Straaten met in 2016 at a Labour Law Company. In their careers as legal advisors and attorneys they have served clients ranging from corporate titans to the industrious mining entities, the labouring farmer to the hustling one-man-show, the commercial franchise and to the man on the street. This diversity in clientele grew their practical experience in Labour Law, Commercial Law, Law and Liquor Law to the extent where they shared a common idea.

This idea grew gradually with a shared vision in mind to assist employers in managing all internal Employee matters and in doing so, allowing our clients to focus on their core business and subsequently mitigating risk to the Employer by assisting with tricky labour legislation.

With the ability to solve any problem in a cost-effective and swift manner, and to assist companies in all labour related matters, our Company is dedicated to sharing it’s knowledge and experience through exceptional and effective service in various areas of the Labour, Industrial and Liquor law matters.

We assist clients with all forms of labour law, including Trade union management, industrial action, disciplinary investigations and chairing of disciplinary hearings, CCMA matters, drafting of employment contracts and policies etc.

The company has so far consistently pursued and maintained healthy relationships with its clients. A flexible approach ensures that our client’s needs and organisational requirements are met. We provide a comprehensive range of industrial consulting services and support to employers as well as employees.

 Our team of professionals are standing by to assist you in all your Labour Law, Labour Law Training, Company Secretarial, and Liquor Law Services needs.